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What are brake testers and how do they work?


How do you know if the brakes in a car or other work the way they are supposed to? You could drive the car to find out, or you could use a portable brake testing system. Portable brake systems allow you to test automotive vehicles whenever and wherever you need to. These handy and convenient tools are safe to use and give you an accurate result so you know if your brakes are working the way they were meant to work.


There are basically three different types of brake tester. A roller tester uses a set of rollers to test the force of the braking. These rollers often are anchored to the floor, but there are portable systems that can be moved around. One big advantage of a roller tester is that the test can be performed remotely and doesn’t require someone to be in the car.


Another brake testing method is the plate tester. This involves a set of metal plates that can be installed on a floor or pavement. They measure force, weight and pressure when a vehicle’s brakes are applied when the wheels run across them.


A third type of brake tester is a bit different. A decelerometer takes braking measurements from inside the vehicle, as opposed to the other methods, which are exterior. You place the decelerometer in the passenger seat, and it measures the force of inertia as the car slows down from braking.


Any of these three brake testing methods can give you an accurate measurement of how well your brakes are performing.

  Brake Tester
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