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  Brake Tester - How Do They Work? 10/17/2021 12:44pm (UTC)


Break Tester

There are basically three kinds of brake testers used to test the efficiency of an automobile; in addition, brake tester calculate baking efforts of the automobile. Let's take a look at the three break testers below.

3 Kinds of Testers

First up is the break tester known as Roller. It is made up of a chassis with a system that is roller driven. It has a floor that is mechanical and has electric motors. There are 3 rollers that measure, safety sensors and brake force transducer combined and working together to test brakes. The roller that drives operate via a motor arrangement and a gearbox that run on a low speed during the test while measurements are taken of the maximum force applied to break. The individual induced force is measured by the electric transducer that has strain gauges. The computer takes the brake force measurements and the system calculates any imbalances.

Second is the plate brake testers. This particular brake test consists of measuring plates that are parallel. The parallel plates are moveable and are mounted on force transducers. When the vehicle passes over the plates a measurement is taken of the braking force. The action from the brakes make the individual plates slip forward which allows for a calculation of the force of the brakes.

The third brake test are the handheld devices called decelerometers. Simply put, these measure the dynamic force of brakes during road tests of automobiles. It acts as an acclerorometer by calculating the efficiency of braking during the deceleration of the automobile. This is the basic of the three testers as it can be done quickly.

  Brake Tester
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