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  How Does a Brake Tester Work? 10/17/2021 11:39am (UTC)

Some Helpful Information About How A Break Tester Works

A portable break tester is a very valuable item to have for all phases of the car repair and matiness industry. It's very easy to use, without all the complicated set up issues that some of these types of devices may have. The break tester device begins the process by searching for a GPS signal. There is a green light on the top left hand side of the device. This space indicates when the GPS signal has been located, at that point the light becomes a solid green color. When setting up the break tester, if GPS is selected, you the tester must have a GPS signal before the test can start. Before the test begins all the ID information is put in by typing it in on the keyboard.

Some of the information needed is the vin number of the vehicle. The weight of the vehicle is entered into the weight category. The break tester will ask the user what type of break test will be done. One of the common tests is the traditional foot brakes. The break tester is physically placed inside of the vehicle that is going to be tested, before the test starts. In order for the test to be most accurate, the break tester device has to be placed on a flat surface that will not move during the test. The best place is on the floor of the front passenger seat. Once the test is complete, paper results come out of the brake tester with the test results listed on it.

  Brake Tester
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